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So you want to invest in the spanish property market? There has never been a better time to invest into Spain, there are bargains galore!

Property Investors

The Four Types of Investor

So you want to invest in the spanish property market ,THere has never been a better time to invest into spain,bargains galore.

its a depressed time in spain at this moment,but it will not last for long,take advantage of the bargains on offer,in Andalusia, is the best place on earth to live. if THe costa Del sole appeals to you and you want to invest your money,i have narrowed these down into four types Investors can be broadly categorised into one of the following and it is up to you to decide into which or categories you fit,


This investor is looking for a home to spend either all or some of their time to enjoy the better quality of life that spain offers,

Profile: S/he will be typically aged over 50 and be looking for somewhere that has good leisure facilities, by the sea.


This investor is looking for a home where they can live and work so that their overall quality of life is improved,

Profile,S/he will be typically age over 21. possibly self-employed and depending on their profession. wishing to locate to the city where there is more work. or near a coastal town where there are more leisure facilities but they can still work through phone. email,fax and internet,


This investor is looking fir a holiday home , typically used for 4-6 weeks in a year. the rest of the time the property is let out,

Profile,S/he will typically be aged over 30 with a family . their aim is to save on holidays rental fees, rent to friends and family and ultimately pass down the property to their children.


this investor is looking to buy and rent properties in spain for profit. their aim is purely financial .

Profile, S/he will be typically aged over 21 and either fed up with the high UK prices or looking to diversify their portfolio by buying properties outside the UK,

From reading this list you will be able to decide what type of investor you are and more importantly what you want to get from your investment. Once you are clear what you want then then the whole process becomes easier as you know exactly what you are looking for.