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Recognised for flamenco dancing, siestas, golden beaches and year long sunshine, the glorious Spanish climate is one of the many reasons why people form all over the world choose to live and holiday in Spain.

Climate and temperatures in Spain

With fine sandy beaches and the best winter temperatures in Europe (over 320 days of sunshine), the ‘white coast’ of the Mediterranean Sea is a magnet for those who enjoy the sunshine.

International marinas dot the picturesque coast and most beaches fly the European Blue Flag, awarded for cleanliness and a high standard of service and safety. Spain is also a golf paradise, with many established 18 hole courses playable throughout the year. The economy is booming and the political situation is stable. Ever since Spain joined the European Union in 1986, the country has attracted many investors from abroad.

Temperatures in Madrid, Spain
Min and Max Temperatures in Madrid, Spain.

Temperatures in Santander, Spain
Min and Max Temperatures in Santander, Spain.

Temperatures in Palma, Spain
Min and Max Temperatures in Palma, Spain.

Temperatures in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Min and Max Temperatures in Las Palmas, Spain.

The warm Spanish climate is also responsible for many North-Europeans choosing Spain as a destination because of their arthritis, rheumatism, asthma and other health problems that the constant warm and clean air helps to alleviate. Spain has first class health and medical facilities, and as a member of the European-Union you can enjoy healthcare much the same as you would receive at home elsewhere within Europe. An E111 form or the new European Health Insurance card is essential.

But Spain has much more than great weather to offer! During the past couple of decades an ever increasing number of Northern-Europeans have been selling-up and moving to the warmer climate in Spain. Attracted by low property prices and endless blue skies, an all-together more relaxing way of life is available for those willing to make the leap.

With more than 45 million tourists visiting Spain annually, it is one of the most visited countries in the world, and its metropolitan cities reflect this mix of personalities and cultures. Further inland, the visitor can see a more traditionally authentic Spanish experience.

The ideal time to visit the central regions of Castile, Andulusia and the Mediterranean coast is during spring. With a refreshingly cool climate with some gentle showers. During the summer months the northern regions along the Costa Blanc and Costa Brava offer a break from the heat of the southern coast. In autumn we can visit the whole country and is perhaps the best time of year to visit, with milder temperatures and plenty of sunshine. In winter the Mediterranean along the Costa Del Sol offers great opportunities of winter sunshine and a break from the colder climes of Northern-Europe. Winter sports can also be enjoyed along the mountain ranges in both the north and south of Spain.